Signage is our specialty. We do it all! From basic corflute signage to mount on your fence, to custom neon arrangements, light boxes, reflective vinyl, ACM sign panels and more.

Creating an attractive creative sign, is a big part of ensuring you stand out in a sea of competitors. Keeping your brand in the public eye is a great way to build public interest in your brand and drive repeat sales.

We can install signage or move/remove existing signage if required.
Yes! If you don’t currently have an existing brand identity, we can sort you out with anything from basic logos to a total company re-brand.
3D signage is definitely an option. We’ll have more information on 3D signs in the near future.

Wide format printing is a big part of our business. We have been providing high quality wide format digital prints to customers from day one. We use state of the art printers and applicators to ensure a finished product is flawless.

We invest in the best inks and materials available to ensure a lasting product in all weather conditions and customer satisfaction.

We use solvent based inks for all of our prints. Solvent inks provide us with an excellent print finish and also deliver the constant colour accuracy our customers demand. They also last a lot longer in outdoor conditions compared to lower quality water based inks.
Signage can last for a very long time. The lifetime of a sign strictly depends on where the sign is placed, what materials have been used to construct the sign and the methods in which the sign was printed. We make sure our customers get a product that is best suited to their requirements from the very start. Indoor signage typically lasts the longest. This is because it’s not at the mercy of the weather and harsh UV. Outdoor signage can last for many years, so long as best practices are followed when considering materials.
There are multiple reasons signage (particularly outdoor signage) can fade in a very short amount of time. Incorrect materials or lack of materials used is the largest contributing factor. The lamination process is often skipped to save on short term costs. This means the sign is particularly susceptible to the sun’s UV rays which cause discolouration and fading. Best practices must be followed when creating and installing outdoor signage to ensure the best possible result for the longest possible time in order to yield the best value for money.
Your sign may take up to 5 days to complete unless otherwise specified by our team when you order. Materials required and complexity of the sign increase the time it takes to manufacture signage.
The materials you use will largely depend on the application for the sign in question. Corflute signage is great cost effective signage. It can be used short to mid term outdoors while it may last for quite a lot longer indoors. Another very popular option is ACM. It’s more expensive than corflute, but will last for many years indoors and out. Indoor displays look great on paylight, which is a lightweight PVC material used mostly for advertising. It’s very lightweight (like corflute) but provides a superior finish and is more durable.

Wrapping your vehicle is one of the most cost effective ways any business can advertise their products and services. It’s a rolling billboard that is constantly in front or behind potential customers. When it’s not, it’s likely parked up in an area where hundreds of potential customers walk by.

Contact us directly to talk to us about what you want on your vehicle. We can apply as little as a phone number and a web address, all the way to wrapping the entire van.

Secondary to advertising abilities, the film also protects your car.

Wrapping your entire vehicle could cost between $3.000 to $5,000. We offer various levels of wrapping that allow for smaller budgets. If it’s just a name and a phone number you’re looking for, we can do that much cheaper. But to fully wrap a complete car in custom vinyl costs thousands and is equal to if not more than a traditional paint job. We have some low cost options for short term promotional events. Contact us about your requirements. Even though the up-front cost is high. It’s still one of the most versatile and cost effective types of advertising available. Your car is constantly on the road and in the eyes of the public.
We will need your vehicle for a 3-5 days to complete the job. But the size of your vehicle and how much of it requires wrapping are big factors.
Yes! Send us a message with your details including the details of your car and we will get in touch about putting something together for you.
Yes! Damaged vehicle wraps are definitely repairable and we can assess and repair whatever issues your existing wrap has.

We’re not only equipped to print signage, we install it too! We install basic corflute signage all the way up to illuminated displays. We arrange the whole install, including an electrician if needed.

If you need your sign relocated or removed, or a fresh one installed, we have you covered!

Soul Signs follow all necessary safety precautions to ensure a safe install. We take every precaution necessary and meet all legal health and safety obligations.
How long signage removal takes is dependant on the job specifically. A normal single sign removal may only take an hour, while something more complicated may take a day to play and complete. It’s best you contact us in advance with all the details so we can give you an estimate on your situation.
Yes! We can restore damaged signage and fixtures. Cost will vary depending on the damage and sometimes it’s more economical to restore the sign panel and re-supply a new print or vinyl for the face.